S.C.U.M. is a Brotherhood of Contrabass players in DCA (Drum Corps Associates - www.DCAcorps.org). S.C.U.M. stands for Senior Contra Union Member. It doesn't have to make sense, we're Contra players.   

    The idea is to get the Contra players of the world to unite and take over. World Domination is our lot in life. That's why we play the biggest horn.

    Actually, S.C.U.M. is all about having a good time. The massed line of Contras from numerous Contra from participating Corps usually mass during retreat but sometimes perform a short piece together. It is a sound not soon forgotten, no matter how hard you try.

Kanstul Contra Grande 3V

    If you've never heard a Contrabass/GBass, you've been missing out. It's the coolest horn ever invented! A Contrabass Bugle is the bass voice of a Drum & Bugle Corps hornline. It's very similar to a tuba, but with some distinct differences. The Contra is designed very much like a concert tuba, but it's carried on the shoulder with the bell facing forward. There's is also more conical tubing than cylindrical, making this a Bugle and NOT a concert instrument. And, finally, they're traditionally pitched in the Key of G, as opposed to Bb.

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